Posted January 2nd, 2009
"I had a job interview in October in Bartlesville OK. Long story short, my car was towed 2 hours into the interview, and I could not get it back until I went back to AR, a 3 hour drive, and register my car (expired tabs are grounds for towing in OK!) I had no idea how I would do all this without huge expense, and I had been out of work for over a month. The president of the company loaned me his Toyota pickup to drive home, and return two days later to complete the interview and retrieve my car. Who would believe...who would do such a thing for someone they had known only 2 hours? Jerry gave me the Blessing in Action card, and a few weeks later, he gave me the job. I have been so blessed by both his random act of kindness, not judging me for the incident in the interview process, and granting me the opportunity to join a wonderful company, accept challenging, satisfying work and all in a tough economy with such high unemployement! God is Good, All the Time! Thank you."
L. Judd, AR